Upper radiator hose and lower hose rock hard

I had this problem since few month ago, the upper and lower hose get so tight like rock hard, then it start to spray hot water from the joint at the engine block, like water sprinkler. I change the new OEM hose and with new screw type hose tighten. Even the hose is rock hard but my engine not overheated. 

After a month the water start spraying again at the same spot. I googled around and found that, most the  cases they suggested to change the thermostat, but after 2 days reading I came out with this idea that everyone should follow if you had the same problem.

1. Check whether there are no air bubble in the cooling system. If problem persist continue to step 2.
2. Change the thermostat, most probably the thermostat stuck closed so the water did not circulate. if problem persist continue stage 3.
3. Flush the radiator, maybe stuck radiator block the water from circulate. if problem persist, hope not.
4. Could be your head gasket blown.

Luckily after done removing the air from the cooling system, my upper and lower hose did not rock hard anymore. At normal operating temperature I can squeeze a bit the upper and lower hose.

How to remove the air? I have done this test on Honda Accord S84/S86 year 2000 2.0cc (6th generation) with factory fitted engine.

1. Remove the radiator cap.
2. Start the engine and run the air conditioning in order to let the fan and thermostat open faster.
3. During the engine running with radiator cap open squeeze the upper and lower hose to let the air come out faster. Repeat the squeezing. Fill the radiator with water if needed.Continue doing this until the fan start to run.
This to ensure the thermostat is open and the water is properly circulate and air being push out from the system.
4. After 15 minutes, turn off the engine and close the radiator cap as usual. Than start the engine and let the engine running for about 10 minutes. Now try to  squeeze back the radiator hose, the hose now is squeezable.

My problem solved by doing the first step only. If your problem persist after doing the step 1, than luck is not on your side so keep trying with the next step.

Hope this help to solve your problem.


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